"Because of your efforts MEM Company delivered all merchandise in a timely & efficient manner."

~ Sam Shapiro, MEM Company

Long- Term Contracts

Fiore Associates, for over thirty-five years, has filed contracts for shippers, carriers and government agencies. This requires commitment to a negotiated contract. The benefits of doing business for a legally specified time frame and at a written price is that it…


  1. Stabilizes cost
  2. Guarantees the equipment

Shippers/Clients have to be prepared with sales data, costs, intimate knowledge of operations and marketing goals. Contracts could be for costs, specific equipment, variable times of p/u & deliveries, drop trailers, special projects, etc., etc.

Volume contracts include LTL or TL signing agreements with the carrier for specified lanes and pricing container shipments viz ports of N.O., LA/Houston, TX, Los Angeles, CA, Charleston, SC, Savannah, GA, Norfolk, VA, Wilmington, NC, New Jersey/New York, or Boston.


Long Term Relationships

Increased necessity, global requirements and a less time to delivery have customers demanding higher levels of service scale from their freight and logistics services. Whether air, ocean or rail, companies in the freight and logistics industry all realize the same challenges. Fiore Associates provide superior rate and revenue management, address capacity planning, automate sales and customer service, and reliable operations. We address every customers challenge individually to ensure the client improve profit margin.

See how logistics service can harness the power of digital and innovative technologies to forge new models and gain on the competition. The changes affecting the future of logistics service providers have never been so fast moving. 2015 we face new innovations and technologies pushing our company and your services into a digital future.

Transporting goods fast and efficiently is a difficult task, given the current volatile economic environment and complexity faced in delivery the products. To make your company profitable we must offer logistics services that meet your customer expected demands such as integrated logistics solutions, cross-border collaboration and global processes at a better price.

Fiore Associates recommends that to achieve substantial margins on a regular basis, logistics must deliver on time and under cost.